01 - Free Limited Support on Third Part Software

Welcome in PeopleInside Third Part Software Free Limited Support!

If you gets on this page you may need help for a software or a website of third part.

If you need help with a community you can start a chat,
or open a ticket if we are not online!

If you need help on your PC or web server be sure to have a full backup.
If remote support are offered no responsibility will be taken by us/me.
More info about remote support can be found here.

You can open a ticket or start a live chat if the live chat is online.
The live chat can be started by the widget on the bottom right of this article.

All respective logos used are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

 If we are not online you can open a support ticket here and please select 04 Aiuto per software terzo | Third Software Help as type of ticket.

Our help is free as the Open Source is.
If you found the PeopleInside help useful you can consider to make a small Donation
for the time and also for the ticket and live chat server to assist you.

This donation will be personal for PeopleInside Support and has nothing to do with the Software Team.

PayPal button for donations can be found here: https://www.peopleinside.it/contatti/
Thank you!

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