04 - Uvdesk support

Hi, my name is Marco (peopleinside) and I'm a passionate user of UVdesk.

As you can see my personal help center is made with the UVdesk open-source software!

  • I'm active in the UVdesk community as administrator and moderator and I provide some basical support.
  • I'm not part of the UVdesk team but I'm an external consultant.
  • I collaborate in UVdesk by cleaning the community from spam and from bot registrations.
  • I like also to monitor topics, posts and be sure everyone can get a reply to their requests.

If you need help about UVdesk you can visit the official community https://forums.uvdesk.com


If you are facing issues in the community about for example, registering or managing your account, you can:

  • try to start a live chat from this page with me, if I'm available and if the chat is online. The chat widget should be visible in the bottom right of this page
  • send an email to me at tickets@peopleinside-it.p.tawk.email, if you want use the web interface for open a ticket you can click here.


If in the UVdesk community I told to you to contact me to get support about your issue you may start a chat from this page.
I may ask to you to connect with you with a remote software so you will not share with me any sensible data. For more information about this read the remote support article.


You can read more about limited free third part help I provide >> here << .


Contact Our Team

If you still can't find an answer to what you're looking for, or you have a specific question, open a new ticket and we'd be happy to help!

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